Frequently Asked Questions: Custom Guitars (FAQ)

Q: Can you tell me the sound difference between the Camrielle and the MG?
A: In general the MG’s larger body provides more low end and volume while the Camrielle has more mid range and punch. However, these tonal characteristics can be manipulated by altering body depth and tonewoods.

Q: What type of guitar polish should I use on my McPherson?
A: Any dedicated guitar or instrument polish will be fine on your McPherson. Do not use wax.

Q: What type of strings should I use on my McPherson?
A: We recommend medium gauge (13-56) strings. The higher tension will activate the top to its fullest potential.

Q: Can I buy new bridge saddles for my guitar? What are the saddles made of?
A: Each guitar is shipped with three custom intonated saddles (Low, Med and High), made of cattle bone. They should not be used in any other McPherson. Replacement saddles would have to be hand made at our shop or by a competent Luthier.

Q: What model do you recommend for bluegrass style music?
A: Most bluegrass players prefer the classic combination of Indian Rosewood/Adirondack Red Spruce. McPherson suggests a MG 4.5XP Rosewood(Indian or Madagascar) with an Adirondack Red Spurce top.

Q: What guitar do you recommend for fingerstyle playing?
A: The MG 4.5 with Indian Rosewood back/sides and a Redwood top will provide a warm tone full of complex overtones and sustain.

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