Our Story

It’s always been more than just putting the parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and designing a masterpiece. For us, that has meant over 30 years of innovation, starting with the unmistakable shape of our offset soundhole. We agonized over the challenges of inventing a bracing system that goes beyond structure to actually deliver vibration. And we created a cantilevered neck that is unwavering and stable. Most of all, we listened to the musicians. A great song stands the test of time. A great guitar does the same.

Crafted in Wisconsin, USA

Our Passion

We believe in a unity among the artisans who create the instruments and the artists who create the music. Just like the singer who tries to reach a new note, we never settled for tones when we could create overtones. It wasn’t enough to perfect the skills of the master luthier, we wanted to defy sonic principles to free up the instrument’s ability to sustain and resonate.

The craft of guitar-making. The craft of songwriting. The art of music.

Just Facts




Years of
and iterations


Skilled craftsmen
building our guitars
by hand

Luthiers, Engineers, and Team

We have assembled a great team of passionate builders to create masterpieces for our customers. Whether it be from wood or carbon, our team is dedicated to create the best instruments possible.

Our Guitars