“inspired to write and RECORD WITH NEW PASSION”

“…I knew there was something wonderfully unique about this guitar. It’s beautiful tone, quality craftsmanship, and stunning appearance has inspired me to write and record with a new passion.”

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The best acoustic guitars in the world? (We think so!)

We think these are the best acoustic guitars we’ve ever played – and it’s not even close.

SoundPure Studios
McPherson Acoustic Guitar Comparison

Acoustic Guitar Comparison featuring two McPherson Acoustic Guitars. These two guitars are almost identical except for their back and side wood. One has Brazilian Rosewood and the other has East Indian Rosewood.

Tony Polecastro
McPherson Carbon Sable Guitar Review

The new age of acoustic guitars? Let’s see how the McPherson Carbon Sable stacks up to the standard of sonic beauty.

Eiro Nareth
Review of the McPherson Sable

An elite perfectly engineered instrument which would survive the apocalypse? Here it is.

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McPherson MG 5.0XP
Koa | Port Orford Cedar

A breathy, focused tone great for finger picking. The clarity and midrange focus make the tone present and lively whether playing with a group of musicians or solo.

McPherson Carbon Series Sable

Dave Bakey plays in alternate tunings almost exclusively, and he’s said the Sable is incredible how it handles any tuning he can throw at it without drifting out of tune. “I can tune it at the hotel while I’m practicing and when I get to the show and take it out of the case I don’t even have to touch the tuning. It’s just insane.”

McPherson Carbon Series Sable

“An extremely durable guitar with excellent tone,” was the vision that produced the McPherson Carbon Series. Carbon fiber does not expand, contract, or warp when exposed to temperature changes or varying levels of humidity. When paired with our innovative sound technologies, the guitar produces consistently excellent tone no matter the climate.

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