Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of strings should I use?
A: McPherson guitars are setup with Elixir Nanoweb Medium (13-56) strings, in 80/20 bronze. This is the suggested string gauge for maximum output.

Q: What type of guitar polish should I use on my wood McPherson?
A: Any dedicated guitar or instrument polish will be fine on your McPherson, with a 100% cotton cloth. Do not use wax.

Q: What type of guitar polish should I use on my Carbon Fiber McPherson?
A: The guitars can be cleaned with a cotton cloth and warm water. Any dedicated guitar polish will also be fine on your McPherson Carbon Series guitar.  We use Music Nomad “One” spray at our shop.

Q: Can I buy new bridge saddles for my guitar?
A: Each guitar is shipped with 2 saddles, a medium and a low action. These saddles are easily interchangeable to the players preference. Each Saddle is custom fit to each guitar. 

Replacement saddles are not available, but rather must be setup by a trained luthier on each particular guitar.

Q: Can I put Strap Locks on my Carbon Series Guitar?
A: Removing the button on the heel of the guitar can be very problematic. This machine screw is bored into a metal pin in the heel of the neck. Modifying this is not recommended.

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