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A compilation of soulful and inspiring music, recorded with the extraordinary sounds of McPherson acoustic guitars and performed by masters of the instrument.

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5 reviews for Expressions (Free Download)

  1. Victor class

    Another masterpiece from McPherson.

  2. Gary rhum

    Some of the best sounds and songs I have ever heard.

  3. Sandeep Paul

    I never heard such a beautiful sound. I’m in love at first sight with these guitars

  4. Ace

    This compilation is Amazing. Now don’t be fooled by Mark Baldwin and Tom Hembys dilvulgence into more faith based music because these songs prove their talent is God given and they have a reason to thank the lord.
    Highway 51 is an alternate, slower acoustic version, than the one presented on Tom’s album but it is just breathtaking and both versions feel like two different sides of the same coin. They both have their own feels and are great in their own respective rights but their unity and what makes the basis of the track is what makes the song so brilliant. The opener “To The Sky” shows every amazing detail McPherson guitars have to offer and is a great show of why this album is a must experience, Especially for Audiophiles.

  5. Troy Rickertsen

    Absolutely love the guitars, the tones, the arrangements, creativity, performances, and production on Expressions as well as Sunset Drive.

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