“In my 40 plus years of playing I have occasionally thirsted for an acoustic that would also provide that inspiration, but in a much different way. I have purchased many high-end guitars. All were good, but all left me LOOKING. Looking for something that truly inspired me. I can truly say my search has ended. It ended when I purchased my McPherson 1 1/2 years ago. It does much more than allow me to play some tunes. From the first touch each time I play it my heart opens up and the notes come out.”

Don Sorensen

“I have a complaint: Since I bought my McPherson 2 1/2 years ago, I can not seem to justify getting any more acoustic guitars. This has cut into my collecting. It is just all the guitar I need.”

C. Denison

“No question…just a note to say the new website is fabulous and to say that I love my MG4.5 Cocobolo/Redwood beauty. I have a music room full of custom guitars…only the McPherson sits in my office for ready access…”


“I am a luthier myself, and can appreciate the superb design and workmanship of this guitar. I would definitely buy another, and with four different body depths offered, I just might. I cannot find a single flaw to mention on the guitar, and with great tone and playability, it really is the perfect instrument. I have owned multiples of almost every boutique guitar out there, and have found this to be at the top of the heap. If you can look past the totally different design of the guitar, and just play one, you will be amazed. And don’t forget to look at the astounding workmanship on the inside! This guitar is worth every penny, and in my opinion, a lot more.”

Trever Lindsey

“As anybody, especially my musician friends, knows I am LOCALLY FAMOUS for going through guitars. I have owned a number of expensive guitars. I’d buy a guitar and play it for a while but then if I happen to pick up a guitar that registered to my ear as superior, I’d buy it. Well I am happy to report, much to my wife’s joy, I can’t find anything that SOUNDS as complex, with wonderful OVERTONES, notes that SUSTAIN SO long as with my McPherson. I’m sure the 5 inch depth has a lot to do with the sustain. I’ve been recording through a great Neumann mic for about 5 years now and the proof is so obvious that my McPherson BLOWS AWAY all the other fine guitars I’ve owned and recorded with.”

Scotty W.

“Plays well for both fingerpicking and strumming. Really sings, great string definition. Compared to other guitars the McPherson sounds great, like a different world. Sounds like you are playing a 12 string at times because of the overtones, sustain and dynamics. I’ll play other guitars for comparison, it sounds really good, and then I pick up the McPherson and realize I’ve stepped into a different dimension of sound. Redwood keeps it a bit warmer but retains mids and bell like highs very well.”

Jeff Ecklund

“I purchased one of your first lefties, a Redwood/Rosewood 4.0XPL, a month or so ago. I had to part with my beloved Gibson Jackson Browne to make the deal, and as a lefty, I was buying sight-unseen. But the moment I opened the case (best guitar case I’ve ever owned, by the way) and gazed upon this work of art, I was in love. This is a flawless instrument, in beauty, playability, and most importantly, tone. I look across the room at the McPherson on its stand, and I can’t believe I actually own it! It beckons me to come pick it up and play. I had some doubts about the Redwood/Rosewood combination, but those passed immediately with my first strum. This guitar sings. It is so musical, so much sustain, such intense overtones. Tone from heaven.”

Jere Mealer

“Here is my story – I am a semi-pro singer/songwriter based here in Leicester, UK. For many years I have been looking for a guitar that will suit my style, and be so free, open and fabulous sounding that it could support my voice when I perform, and I have never found one until now! I fell in love with the Macassar Port Orford 5.0XP – what an amazing, clean, punchy, separated, do anything you want it to do, piano/harpsichord sound. It was as if angels had led me to the shop that day and shown me the way forward – a day either way, I might have missed her. I did not leave the shop for hours and bought her right there and then, finally I had the guitar for me that would last the rest of my life! Sing and feel joy!”

Chloe Singer

“I just wanted to send a comment To Whom It May Concern. I am a Worship Director at a church of approximately 2,500 people in SC. I have wanted a McPherson Guitar for many years. For so long, I have settled for the next best thing (i.e Martin, Taylor, Takamine, Fender, etc.). I finally decided to take the plunge and sold about 3 of my guitars, saved some cash and purchased a 4.5 Sitka Spruce/Granadillo. Needless to say, within the past two months I have sold ALL (save a Fender Custom Shop and a G and L Hollow Body) and purchased a 3.5 Engelmann Spruce/Macassar Ebony. You make a superior product to anyone in the world. I constantly have people asking me about it…commenting on how great it sounds. In a worship setting, it carries such a beautiful tone that adds so much to the musical side of the experience. I am honored to own an instrument that someone put so much time and attention to detail in. It will be mine until the day I die. McPherson Guitars, thanks for your product.”

T J Barton

“As a conservatory trained, professional symphonic musician, who has for years played classical guitar as a second instrument, and who has taught guitar at the University level, I want to compliment you on the extraordinary sonic qualities of your 4.5 line. I played Ramirez classical instruments for years, until I was unable to grow nails and gave up in frustration, but several years ago, I got back into guitar playing on electric-acoustic instruments. I have always had to use an amp to get acceptable sound projection until I got your 4.5. I am so happy to report that I can now play the entire classical repertoire using finger picks, with a tone quality and volume that reminds me of my beautiful Kohno and Ramirez classical guitars of many years ago. There are not many playing Bach, Scarlatti, Villa Lobos etc. on your guitars, but I am one!! Thanks for producing such a sonically perfect instrument and reviving my interest in the guitar.”

William Hartman

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