Warren Barfield

“There’s a walk in closet in my office stacked full of guitars. Vintage, popular high end brands, boutique, custom. All are great . Few have left that closet since March of 2012. That’s when I received my McPherson. I love all my guitars, but I need only my McPherson. It’s the most versatile and consistent guitar I’ve ever owned. I don’t leave home without it.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Warren Barfield in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Wayne Burns

Singer / Songwriter and host of Outdoor Allstars T.V.

“I have never played a guitar that plays with such ease. The sound of the guitar had me so wrapped up in playing, I completely lost track of time! It’s like it puts you in another world when you are playing. I Love It!”

Ryan Bell

Performer, songwriter, recording artist, Worship Pastor/Music Director.

“The super-rich tone, incredible sustain, excellent craftsmanship, and uncompromising attention to detail make my McPherson the finest acoustic guitar I’ve ever owned. Whether I’m in the studio or playing live, the McPherson is always the guitar I reach for first.”

Shawn Blackman

Acoustic Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter.

“The difference between a McPherson and any other acoustic guitar I have played is as profound as the difference between an upright piano and a concert grand! They are simply the most stable, tonally balanced and versatile guitars I have ever played, bar none.”

Tommy Brandt

“The McPherson Guitar is one of the best instruments that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. It’s construction, playability and sound quality is second to none. All that said, the greatest compliment that an artist could give a guitar maker is that it makes them want to play more, and that it does. Thanks for a great guitar guys!”

Scott Wesley Brown

Singer, songwriter, recording artist.

“Everywhere I play, the sound techs are astonished that they don’t need to adjust the EQ on my McPherson! They say it sounds naturally perfect. And that sound, along with the beauty of this instrument is an inspiration to me!”

Trace Bundy

Award winning fingerstyle guitarist.

“I cannot say enough about this guitar. From the moment I picked up the McPherson and strummed it for the first time, I knew there was something wonderfully unique about this guitar. It’s beautiful tone, quality craftsmanship, and stunning appearance has inspired me to write and record with a new passion.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Trace Bundy in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Winner of multiple Grammy, Dove and Male Vocalist of the Year Awards.

“How they get the big low end without being boomy out of that little hole above the strings is a mystery, but it’s one of the best full range, totally balanced guitars I’ve had the privilege of playing.”

Lincoln Brewster

“These guitars are simply amazing. I remember the first time I recorded with a McPherson guitar. I borrowed a McPherson from a friend of mine. The guitar was absolutely amazing. The best sounding acoustic guitar that I’ve ever recorded with.”

Paul Baloche

Songwriter, Worship Pastor, and Producer.

“When I opened the case for the first time I was stunned by the craftsmanship of the McPherson. When I played it I was stunned by its tone, playability and intonation. When I plugged it in I was stunned by how well it cut through the mix when playing with a band. Sound engineers and band members who have worked with me for years have all given unsolicited raves regarding the natural punchy tone of my McPherson guitar. To my surprise I’ve never been this impressed with a guitar before.”

Michael Adkins

“McPherson redefines the acoustic guitar, in my opinion. The first time I took mine out of it’s luxurious humidified case, I struck a big E chord….and lemme tell ya, that chord rang out till I had to mute it! The cantilevered neck, paired w/ the offset sound hole and the eclectic mix of exotic woods, takes these guitars to a whole new level. Sustain and Tone are two things, that will never be a concern again. I tour non-stop with my band, Uncle Kracker, and I can honestly say…I don’t leave home without my McPherson!”

Mark Alan

Recording artist and performer.

“In the studio or on the stage I have repeatedly found this one thing to be true: the McPherson guitar is the most versatile sounding instrument ever created!”

Listen to Mark Alan playing a McPherson guitar on his album Something That Lasts.

Mark Baldwin

Studio Musician, Producer, and Instrumental Recording Artist (Whitney Houston, James Ingram, Amy Grant).

“Matt McPherson has simply taken the acoustic guitar to a new level. He’s raised the bar on overall craftsmanship, attention to detail, and playability. Throw in some of the finest wood combinations to be found anywhere and it should be no surprise that I’m constantly asked by engineers when I pick one up and hit a chord, ‘Wow, what’s that?’ It’s a McPherson, of course.”

Listen to Mark Baldwin playing a McPherson guitar on his album Shades of Light.

Nico Battaglia

Born in Trani, a city north of Bari (Italy), from a very young age Nico cultivated his musical talent, working with many Christian artists as a guitarist and vocalist. With a passion for God Nico served with joy and determination in the local church leading praise and worship and writing songs for the edification of the church and to honor God. In 2003 Nico released his first album titled “Isola di grazia” containing ten songs written and performed by Nico. In 2005 Nico traveled to South Africa where worked with artists there for a year. Following his work in South Africa, Nico recorded his second album titled “Un mondo di mondi”. This CD contains ten previously unreleased songs telling Nico’s life story and journey in artistic growth.

“Elegance, quality, technology, passion, innovation, excellence, heart… these are just some of the words that I hear in the air when I play my McPherson Guitar. The first time I played a McPherson Guitar, I was deeply impressed by its excellent sound and its special beauty. It is not just a guitar, but it is the way to exalt beauty over simple aesthetics, to exalt music over the mere sound, to exalt art over technique.”

Michael Boggs

Recording and live performance artist (member of the group Far From Home).

“From the consistency of the fretboard, to the full range of tones, the McPherson is a great guitar.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Michael Boggs in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Paul Brandt

Singer/Songwriter and Multi-platinum selling recording artist and the most awarded Male Country artist in Canadian history. CMA’s Global Artist of the Year, multiple CCMA’s and Juno awards (Canada’s Grammy).

“For You recorded as a duet by Dave Matthews and the legendary Johnny Cash for the epic film “We Were Soldiers” “My McPherson guitar is the best guitar I’ve ever played. From the sound, to the distinct look and incredible design, it’s clear that this instrument was designed to reflect excellence.”

Matt Brouwer

Recording and live performance artist.

“My McPherson Guitar is not only comfortable to play, it looks great and sounds amazing when plugged in. Playing a McPherson Guitar has enhanced my live performance, I can’t imagine playing anything else.”

Peter Cetera

Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Peter Cetera, has succeeded with two profound musical careers. Prior to his prominent solo career, he was the legendary voice, songwriter, and bass player for the Multi-Platinum group, Chicago.

“Unique style and an awesome sound both onstage and in the studio WOW!”

Patrick Clark

Utility player with Darius Rucker.

“My McPherson sounds like what a great guitar should sound like. It has an balanced, rich, yet sweet, acoustic tone and it transfers perfectly plugged in. I can say that it is a worthwhile investment, it may even be the last guitar you ever buy.”

Jeremy Camp

BEC Recordings’ GRAMMY and two-time American Music Award nominated artist Jeremy Camp has established himself with these landmark accolades: Four RIAA Gold-selling studio albums including his debut album; One RIAA Multi-Platinum long-form video; 19 No. 1 Radio Hits across all formats; GRAMMY nominated project for his last studio album.

“I am so incredibly honored and humbled to get to make music that honors God and encourages others. I am thankful for my incredible relationship with McPherson guitars, and their steadfast support in what I do by providing the greatest guitars in the world, I’m challenged to make the best music I possibly can. I love playing my McPherson for its terrific sound, the solid feel of the neck and body, and its beautiful look. Its hand made quality is unreal and delivers consistency. I even feel that it helps me reach my audience better as I perform, write or record. McPherson’s focus on making the highest quality guitar provides me with one of the absolute best tools I can get my hands on for making music.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Jeremy Camp in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Joe Arick

Keys, Guitar, Harmonica, & Vocals for RCA Recording Artist Jake Owen.

Joe began his musical adventure at age 6, playing piano in his family’s gospel quartet. He then taught himself the guitar at age 12. By his teenage years, he had played around the country in various bands, playing various instruments. He moved to Nashville in 2004 and started touring with national acts in 2005. Since then he has worked with several artists including Josh Turner, Florida Georgia Line, Chuck Wicks, Hunter Hayes, Julianne Hough, Ray Scott, Danielle Peck, and is currently touring with Jake Owen. You can see and hear Joe play McPherson guitars with Jake Owen on Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival Tour.

Hannah Blaylock

“McPherson is one of the most amazing companies I have ever had the honor of working with. They are so passionate and selfless about supporting art and work hard to make sure each artist has the perfect instrument that can bring their gifts to light. They are quality, reliable, great on the road and stay in tune unlike any other instrument I’ve had. I absolutely love having my McPherson or as I like to call her “Ol Red” to sing along with me when I’m sharing what I do with the world.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Hannah Blaylock in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Jeff Borders


“I’ve never heard an acoustic guitar jump so effortlessly off of tape. Kudos to your design.”

Kimber Cleveland

Kimber is a Rock/Pop female artist based in Nashville, TN whose recent project is being recorded and produced at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in Grand Rapids and mixed by Brian Malouf, head of A and R at Disney in L.A. Kimber’s quirky, left of center, lyrical and melodic sensibility, has steadily garnered the attention of audiences and fans from her hometown near Washington, DC to Nashville, to Dallas, TX and Canada.

“Kimber Cleveland’s music is deeply engaging and commercial without sacrificing a sixteenth note of integrity. She’s a wonderful human being off stage, and any listener will immediately recognize her warmth and compassion in the music she makes. It was a privilege for me to work with her on her latest EP.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Kimber Cleveland in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Jonathan Crone

From 2001-2004 Jonathan attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with multiple scholarships and in 2004 graduated Magna Cum laude with a degree in Music Production and Engineering. Following graduation Jonathan relocated to Nashville, TN and worked as an assistant engineer at Dark Horse Recording until 2006. Then Jonathan began working for producer Keith Thomas with Levosia Entertainment. Jonathan has since worked on a variety of projects for artists including Rissi Palmer, Jordan Pruitt, Bebe and Cece Winans, Vanessa Williams, Heather Headley, Michael Bolton, Savannah Outen, Relient K, The Elms and many others.

In 2010 Jonathan received a Grammy for his contribution as engineer to Heather Headley’s album Audience of One.

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a proud reminder of one of country’s strongest creative periods, building on the early-’90s legacy established by some of the genre’s most successful figures: Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Clint Black and Travis Tritt. The Georgia-bred Campbell was introduced with a five-song EP that landed in the Top 20 on iTunes. His self-titled debut album expands on the central themes of his life-family, friends, purpose and self-determination-with a bundle of self-written songs, all delivered with the force and conviction of someone who’s lived every sentiment in every word.

Get to know McPherson Artist Craig Campbell in the “Artist of the Month” video.
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