“I absolutely love my McPherson Carbon guitar! I love how big it sounds in any situation. From the biggest stages to a tailgate or on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean, there is no better guitar to travel with!”

Craig Campbell, Country Artist

“The McPherson Carbon guitar is a BOSS! I don’t know how else to say it…I never thought a carbon fiber could sound as good as this…My schedule requires a guitar that travels well and I have found none better…You don’t have to worry about it getting beat up by the airlines, because it’s pretty much indestructible…and it plays like a dream…Never thought my “go to” guitar would be a carbon fiber, but the McPherson Carbon guitar is.”

Kyle Jacobs, Songwriter / Producer

“McPherson Carbon guitars are workhorses. Their durability and playability are second to none. The guitars consistency in extreme conditions is mind boggling. I’ve found that it not only maintains intonation but it also makes “old” strings keep a “new” tone forever. I never change strings. I love playing it everywhere I go.”

Rodney Atkins, Country Artist

“This is the perfect guitar to keep on my bus and use for writing new songs. It’s durable, it’s lightweight, it’s a good size for a 22 year old girl…I love it!”

Kelsea Ballerini, Country Artist

“From the first time I played my McPherson Carbon guitar, I knew it would be my first choice acoustic for all my needs.”

Dave Baker, Guitarist

“This guitar has been the perfect complement to my on the go and rush around schedule. It allows me to have an exceptional sounding guitar to travel with. I’ve had this guitar on the beach as well as on stage. When flying, it fits perfectly in the over-head. Everybody knows the cringing feeling you get when the flight attendant asks you to “check” your nice guitar. No thank you! This baby is durable, looks beautiful and the sound is rich and full. It’s incredible that a travel size guitar packs such a punch with no sound compromise. What more could you ask for? McPherson always gets it right. Job well done!!! Thank you!!!”

Suzi Oravec, Singer / Songwriter

“The McPherson Carbon guitar is a wonder. Plays perfectly, sounds great acoustically and electronically. Built to last and take a beating. The best little guitar you can get.”

Bruce Gaitsch, Guitarist / Songwriter

“The BIGGEST gift a musical instrument can give you is inspiration. The McPherson Carbon guitar inspires. Since I’ve had it in my hands, I’ve written more than I have in years. It’s priceless. PLUS it sounds amazing.”

Derek Williams, CEO, That’s My Gig

“I got a McPherson Carbon Fiber guitar initially because I wanted something that would hold up to traveling and to the salt air of the East Coast. I was amazed, and everyone is impressed by its beautiful tone and playability. Bravo!”

Muriel Anderson, Composer / Guitarist

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