Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and member of the multi-award nominated group Little Big Town.

“My McPherson feels like it was made just for me! The first moment that I put one in my hands, it responded with an emphatic resonance unlike anything I’ve ever heard before or since. The intonation is incredible and the tones of each signature wood combination are truly some of the most beautiful on the planet. I hear fellow musicians talk about how great they sound in the studio, but after putting my McPhersons through some very intense road conditions over the last five years, they sound richer and sweeter. There isn’t a show we play where someone whether a fan crewmember or musician comments on the unique quality of these amazing instruments. You guys have created something very special The care and attention you have put into these guitars can be felt every time I play one. People will be playing or talking about McPherson for many many years to come and hopefully for generations to come as well.”

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