Frequently Asked Questions: Carbon Guitars (FAQ)

Q. Is the entire guitar Carbon Fiber?
A. Yes – the body, neck, bridge, fretboard, and bracing.

Q. What is the material of the back and sides of the body?
A. It is a propriety blend of carbon fiber.

Q. Is there a Truss Rod?
A. Yes, it is a non adjustable truss rod. Adjustments are not needed because Carbon Fiber material does not move like wood.

Q. What type are strings are used and can I install other strings?
A. The guitars are set up with Elixir Nano Web Medium gauge strings. We recommend them as they last the longest and our guitars are voiced off of them. Yes, you can install other strings.

Q. Can I order the guitar without electronics?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I change the electronics?
A. Yes, most any pickup can be installed.

Q. Does the Sable come in other colors?
A. No, at this time it does not.

Q. What action are the guitars set up when they are shipped?
A. Your McPherson Guitar comes with a medium action saddle installed,
as well as an alternate, low action saddle. Each saddle is made specifically for your guitar.

Q. Why a patented Compensated TUSQ nut and saddle?
A. Our patented compensated nut and saddle improve the playability by correctly setting each strings intonation to help produce the best tone and performance possible.

Q. What is TUSQ made of?
A. TUSQ is a proprietary material which is precision engineered under high pressure and heat. It is specifically formulated to deliver the right frequencies with the optimum transfer rate to the top of your guitar every time. Because of the way TUSQ is made, it is a consistent material that is rich in tone and harmonic content.

Q. How is TUSQ different from any other material (bone, micarta, and corian) used in nuts and saddles?
A. TUSQ is a very resonant material. This resonance alone will give you a very full and deep sound that will amplify your tone to a whole new level. Secondly, it’s a consistent material, allowing every note you play to sound just as clear and full as the next. In comparison, bone has natural grains which cause dead spots. These dead spots damp balance in tone and harmonic content. Micarta is made partially from linen and paper scraps which makes it hard to work with while corian is nice to work with but also damps sound.

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