Custom Back Inlay

Think of it as a tattoo, icon, or mark that makes this guitar personal.


Headcap Inlay

Layer up the textured wood to unify the body, back and sides.


Going With the Grain

From the big and bold to the subtle and sophisticated, the choice is yours.


Striking Wood Grain

Make a visual statement and a tonal decision from a wide variety of woods.


Engraved Steel Headcap

The stainless steel headcap opens up a world of artful possibilities.



Create a unique crest of personalized typography.


Jazz Guitar

Exotic fretboard inlays and a smooth finish make it an improvisor’s dream.


Rose Initials Inlay

The flourish of elegant type is fancy but never forced.


Back Woodgrain

The natural beauty of wood inspires you to go with the flow of the grain.


Custom Neck Design

The visual interplay between neck, strings and frets is unbelievable.


New York City Inlay

Put a big city skyline into your customized acoustic guitar.


Custom Headcap Image

Make your headcap really stand out with a custom image.


Alluring Back Wood

Special options for the sides and back offer unprecedented artistry.


Neck Inlay Shapes

Complex patterns or simple graphics make a powerful statement.


Leaves Inlay

Sometimes the best customization is inspired by nature’s beauty.


Pearl Headcap

Your custom guitar is a jewel that deserves a classy finishing touch.


Tropical Inlay

The laid back style of your playing is echoed in this graphic.


Rose Design

It’s a subtle little icon that sparks a smile when discovered.


Two Tone Wood

The striking contrast makes a distinct statement.


Rose Date Inlay

Mark the calendar and your commitment to excellence.


One of a Kind

Customize every part of your guitar to make something truly unique.