Wayne Watson

Grammy and multiple Dove Award winning Songwriter and Performer. His music has been featured on the hit series: Touched by an Angel.

“The first time I laid a pick on my McPherson, I knew this was something special… an instrument like no other I’ve ever played… concert goers are consistently full of wonder at the sound coming from this guitar. It’s amazing!”

Tim Urban

American Idol 2010 Finalist, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist.

“When I played a McPherson guitar for the first time it was like being introduced to a new instrument altogether. The workmanship that goes into these guitars is incredible and the sound is unlike any other guitar I’ve ever played. I love my guitar!”

Steve Wiggins

Member of Big Tent Revival and nominated for numerous Grammy and Dove Awards.

“Whether I’m recording or playing out live, nothing beats my McPherson.”

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a comedian, musician, actor, and ASCAP songwriter, seen on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless T.V. shows and specials around the world.

“I can’t imagine demanding more out of a guitar than I do – seven shows a week, playing everything from crisp fingerstyle to chunka-chunka power rhythm, through everything from a dented nightclub P.A. to state of the art concert venue soundboards. My McPherson guitar amazes me, with resonance, beauty, power, and playability. It’s a breathtaking combination of gorgeous, hand made instrument, and rock solid, tough as nails road warrior. Believe me, if I’m not playing my McPherson guitar, I’m either eating or sleeping.”

Mike Weaver

Lead singer and guitarist of “Big Daddy Weave”

Get to know McPherson Artist Mike Weaver in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Paul Wilbur

Recording and performing artist.

“Unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful sound, cutting edge technology, by a company committed to building the best instrument ever made.”

Mark Willard

Film Composer, Singer, Songwriter.

“This guitar is a work of art. The only thing better than the way it looks is the way it sounds. I’m blown away by the sustain, and it cuts through the mix like no guitar I’ve ever owned. I’m a fan for life!”

Jimi Westbrook

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and member of the multi-award nominated group Little Big Town.

“The depth and body this guitar has in the low end and the crispness of the highs give it a range like nothing I have ever played. We have put these acoustics in every sound situation possible and it never fails. Night after night we hear great comments about the gutsiness and clarity of the acoustics in the mix. Owning a McPherson ensures that you are delivering a great acoustic sound.”

Joel Whitley

Multi – instrumentalist, songwriter, performer and producer. Joel has performed and/or recorded with: Stevie Wonder, Prince, Dr. Dre, Lauren Hill, Everlast, House Of Pain, Flo Rida, Darious Rucker, Chris Martin, The Temptations, James Ingram, Natlie Cole, Musiq Soulchild, Thunder cat and a host of others.

“McPherson guitars are the Stradivarius of tomorrow. The tone, playability & craftsmanship its second to none. I believe that art inspires art that being said McPherson guitars will give me a lifetime of inspiration.”

Jenifer Wrinkle

Jenifer Wrinkle is a Texas born singer and musician who followed in the footsteps of predecessors Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt and Clay Walker to Nashville, TN where over the last 15 years she has forged her way through stiff competition to a level of success that put her alongside many of the greatest artists in country music. She has toured nationwide and abroad with Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Joe Diffie and Reba McEntire, and worked with Tony Brown, Dann Huff and other hit producers on numerous country and gospel records. She is endorsed by McPherson Guitars, Gibson, DAda’rio Strings and Spiccato Bows.

“When I’m playing my McPherson guitar, I’m in my comfort zone. No effects, no worries, I just plug in direct or mic it and get the job done. Small room, large room, amphitheater, arena or studio, it doesn’t matter. My guitar kicks butt, every time! I think I’m in love.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Jenifer Wrinkle in the “Artist of the Month” video.

David Wallace

“It’s truly amazing to play a guitar night after night that I actually prefer over any instrument I have ever owned or have hoped to own. I am very lucky to have a McPherson guitar!”

Get to know McPherson Artist David Wallace in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Bruce Watkins

Grammy award winning artist and session player in Nashville for over 35 years. Bruce has had the honor of recording with almost every major country and gospel artist in the Industry.

“Being a session player in Nashville and recording as long as I have, I must say I’ve never played a guitar that performed both in the studio and live with the versatility of the McPherson. This guitar has it all. Some guitars sound good in studios but don’t sound good live, other guitars sound great live, but they don’t sound good in the studio. My McPherson guitar sounds and plays great everywhere I take it. McPherson Guitars have definitely figured it out.”

Dave Watson

Has performed with The Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood and Shenandoah.

“My McPherson Guitar has traveled with me to Africa 4 times, Australia once and back and forth from coast to coast here in the U.S. too many times to count. Zero neck adjustments! Now that’s a well-built guitar!”

Get to know McPherson Artist Dave Watson in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Bryan White

Grammy award winning and CMA award winning recording artist with 6 #1 singles and 2 platinum albums.

“Incredibly well crafted guitars! Sonically they can’t be matched. Live and in the studio they inspire me and make me play with great confidence. They really have their own identity.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Bryan White in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Christopher Wright

Worship Pastor, Songwriter, and Recording artist.

“There is simply no other guitar out there that throws sound with the sustain, definition, and full spectrum of tone as a McPherson. These guitars sing as beautifully as they look. They inspire the player as well as the listener. Just amazing…”

Cliff Young

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist with the group Caedmon’s Call.

“I love my McPherson guitar. It has a clarity that really sings through the middle of a mix, and on this tour we had four drummers, so cutting through was no easy task! These guitars have been a valuable asset to our band’s sound, and we couldn’t do a show without them.”

Cory Young

After over a decade in Nashville, this singer/songwriter took a vacation to the Florida Keys, returning only to sell everything, buy a boat, and move to the Caribbean. An artist writing and performing his own blend of “Island Country”, you can find Cory performing throughout Florida, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. When not on the road you might find him sailing his boat with his trusty KM guitar.

“My McPherson Carbon Series is the first guitar I’ve owned where I’ve had no desire to play or own another guitar. Caribbean heat, salty air and constant gigging, have cost me countless dollars in repair and downtime with other brands. My McPherson just does the job, and does it better than anybody else. It is a beautifully crafted workhorse that allows me to just concentrate on my music, without worrying about my guitar. I am proud, and thankful to be part of the McPherson family.”

Coalo Zamorano

Worship leader, Grammy Award winner and Dove award nominee.

“I have never played a guitar with such a rich and balanced tone. As soon as I got it we went into the studio and recorded it. We were all amazed that there was no need to add anything to it, no EQ, no nothing! McPherson guitars are really exceptional; I’m truly privileged to own this beautiful instrument.”

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