William Pierce IV

Guitarist, songwriter, singer, founder of the band Media Line Road.

“The McPherson MG series of guitars deliver, without a doubt, the most dimensional – dare I say – immersive acoustic guitar sound experience ever. I’ve tried or owned many of the finest acoustics made. Yet, McPherson has successfully applied science in the name of original artistic expression. It represents a sea change in acoustic guitar sound as well as design.”

Savannah Outen

Singer, Songwriter, Live Performer.

“Oh my gosh! I love my McPherson guitar because the sound is like no other. It projects so loud and I love that. I also love how they look, the model I have is called a 3.5, which is smaller and just my size. The design is very unique and cool! It’s the perfect guitar!! Ive played other guitars but now I only want to play McPherson guitars!”

Get to know McPherson Artist Savannah Outen in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Rissi Palmer

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist.

“McPherson is the Bentley of Guitars. When I’m on stage with my McPherson guitar it gives me the most amazing sound that I’ve ever heard. It sounds really warm, and makes any large stage feel like an intimate setting.”

Toby Penner

Member of recording group Jake (with brothers Joshua and Marty Penner).

“McPherson Guitars are the best. Absolutely no question.”

Tim Pierce

Veteran Studio guitar player who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business: Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Jewel, Bon Jovi, Santana, Faith Hill and many more.

“In the studio McPherson Guitars deliver a new level of definition with exceptional clarity, dependable response and a balanced tone. The sound is delicate and sweet when fingerpicking and like glass when strumming.”

Pablo Olivares

2 Times Grammy nominated and multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, performer and amazing guitarist.

“In these two guitars meet the perfect balance between the brightness and warmth that always look at the studio but also live. McPherson achievement and all that is a plus instrument made with only the highest quality materials and high lutheria experience. Well done Matt! To me McPherson is the best acoustic guitar on the world.”

Michael Olson

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and live performing artist.

“I’ve never played a guitar that has been more tonally complete. The high end is just as full and rich as the low end. It has the ability to cut through when I’m playing with a live band, but it also has enough sensitivity to hold its own when I’m performing by myself.”

Paul Overstreet

Grammy Award winner; BMI honored songwriter, five consecutive years.

“The first time I played it live, people asked, What kind of guitar is that? Even though the McPherson has a look all its own, that was not the reason they were asking, it sounds great, It’s the finest guitar I’ve ever owned.”

Jake Owen

“McPherson Guitars are unmatched when it comes to tone and quality. Whether I’m playing a stadium or an acoustic set, I plug in and smile as the front of house guy does also. Thanks McPherson for the consistent quality and amazing sound.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Jake Owen in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Keith Parsons

Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader Guitarist for Upside Down Kingdom.

“I am amazed by the full sonic spectrum my McPherson covers. It delivers well beyond what most others only promise. And the craftsmanship is second to none. It is beautiful from literally the inside out. From the bracing to the binding to the cantilevered neck to the sound hole, everything is in the right place and performs perfectly. As someone who desires to be a good steward of the gifts and talents God has given me, my McPherson allows me to do it with the highest degree of excellence. I will never play another acoustic.”

The Band Perry

The Band Perry’s “modern throwback” style combines classic Country with an eclectic fusion of Rock, Gospel and Soul. As songwriters and musicians, their sound is rounded out by perfect three-part harmonies. The self-titled debut album, THE BAND PERRY, was released in October 2010 by Republic Nashville and one year later, has been certified Platinum.

Brian Oaks

Brian is a guitarists and producer in Nashville TN. He has toured with Lonestar, Tiffany, Danny Gokey, Sarah Buxton/Jedd Hughes, Mallary Hope, Point of Grace and Mark Schultz to name just a few. He stays busy in town with producing and sessions.

“My McPherson is the most absolutely amazing guitar I have ever played. It intonated perfectly no matter where I capo and regardless of what climate I am in stays that way. It is effortless to play and sounds even better.”

Andrew Osenga

Singer, song writer, guitarist, and solo artist. Also performs with Caedmon.

“I’ve played McPherson guitars for three or four years now. They’ve been consistent and play as great now as they did the day I first picked one up. The sound is warm and rich, but not too dark. It really allows a lot of expression, both in the studio and in a live setting.”

Brad Paisley

Grammy nominated and multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, and platinum recording artist.

“The McPherson guitar is the most significant new design in acoustic guitars since the debut of the dreadnaught. I feel like they have perfected the acoustic instrument, and achieved new heights in tone and craftsmanship. I am very proud to play these pieces of art.”

Andrea President

“Playing the McPherson guitar has truly spoiled me. There is nothing that comes close to the quality and feel. I am simply in love.”

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