Shannon Farmer

Singer/guitarist in the band Ricochet.

“I’ve never seen better craftsmanship on an acoustic guitar, it’s almost too pretty to play! This guitar honestly has the most even tone (high to low) I have ever played.”

Stu Garrard

Performer, songwriter, and lead guitarist for the band Delirious.

“The McPherson guitar is one of the most tonally balanced acoustics I’ve ever played, I’m not fighting with a high action or not quite there intonation! Live, it’s a dream. In the studio its got an instant sound, which is great, because time is money! It just has to be played, and when you do it’s got songs inside waiting to come out! Thanks for a great guitar!”

Teddy Gentry

Teddy Gentry, a member of the country music hall of fame, is a founding member of the band Alabama. Alabama signed a recording contract with RCA Records in 1980, launching a career that to date has resulted in 21 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums, 43 No. 1 singles and more than 75 million records sold. Alabama has received over 150 industry awards including eight country music Entertainer of the Year honors, two Grammys, two Peoples Choice Awards and their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They were named the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music in 1989 and Country Group of the Century by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1999.

“My McPherson guitar makes me a better guitar player. Not only is it a beauty, it sounds amazing!”

Simon Hawkins

Songwriter, producer of everything from CCM to mainstream London urban music from his studio located on the South Coast of England.

“The more I use my McPherson the more I appreciate it. It’s 100% reliable for a full, articulate and warm sound both in the studio and for live work. Put through a U87 and an Avalon pre it simply adds gold dust to any track.”

Tim Hawkins

A former All-American baseball player, Tim traded the sports stage for the comedy stage and never looked back. He taught himself to play guitar and tested the waters at area comedy clubs, but he determined early in his career that he did not want to focus on the comedy club circuit alone. “People love stand-up, but many choose not to go to comedy clubs. So we’ve gone underground, even counter-culture in a way. And its a blast.”His art form was honed primarily in churches, with a brief 6-month stint performing in prisons as part of Chuck Colson Prison Fellowship. Since his shows ranged from little kids to youth groups to married adults, he had to develop material that would hit a wide age range. “Survival mode, pure and simple. I learned comedy in front of a lot of multi-generational audiences, so I had to find material that would cater to all ages.”With 4 kids of his own and a wife who is winning her battle with breast cancer, Hawkins gets new material daily from the perils of marriage, parenting, and homeschooling. But it must be difficult to work clean all the time, right? “Clean comedy is easy. Funny comedy is hard. “So does Tim think hes funny?” I’m not bragging, but one time I told a joke in front of a dead bird, and it flew away. And you can Google that.”

“This guitar takes over. I’ve never played anything like it.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Tim Hawkins in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Tom Hemby

Dove Award winning, studio and live performance artist. Has worked with Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, BeBe and CeCe Winans, and Faith Hill.

“The McPherson guitar is the perfect marriage of superior tone and cutting edge technology. I’ve never played a more balanced sounding instrument. This guitar has a rich, complex harmonic structure that is far superior to any other guitars I’ve played. To put it in simple terms, this is by far the best sounding and best playing acoustic guitar on the market today!”

Get to know McPherson Artist Tom Hemby in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Michael Elsner

Aside from playing with his band Chasing Saints, Michael is a first call guitarist for composer Mateo Messina (Juno, Thank you For Smoking, The Ex List), and his songs have been featured on CBS.

“My McPherson guitar is a complete extension of who I am as a musician, guitarist, and artist. What makes these guitars so amazing is the fact that I’ve found a personal connection with every one that I’ve played. It’s rare to have a personal connection with any instrument, but for a manufacturer to consistently produce an instrument which allows for that is truly remarkable.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Michael Elsner in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Peter Furler

Singer, songwriter, and producer. Member of the Grammy nominated and multiple Dove award winning Newsboys.

“It’s a piece of art, that sings!”

Neil Greenhaw

Worship Leader/Pastor, Songwriter, Electric and Acoustic Session Player.

“I have never heard a more balanced, prestigious acoustic guitar in my life. The first time I picked up a McPherson guitar, I was amazed at the design and craftsmanship. Then I strummed the guitar and it was all over. Still to this day, I haven’t found a guitar that sounds better.”

Mark Harris

Singer, songwriter, musician, Member of 4Him (Grammy Award nominee and six-time Dove Award winner), and solo artist.

“The McPherson guitar is the finest guitar I have every played. It has spoiled me with its incredible sustain and big full sound. I have exclusively been playing McPherson for 9 years and wouldn’t play anything else.”

Natalie Hemby

Raised in Nashville, Tennessee and with the help of her husband, producer Mike Wrucke (Courtney Jaye, Miranda Lambert, David Nail, Eli Young Band, Angaleena Presley), she began carving out a place in the industry. She has since had cuts by Lee Ann Womack (The Bees), Rosi Golan (Lead Balloon, Can’t Go Back, Paper Tiger), Randy Montana (Assembly Line), Eli Young Band (Mystery in the Making, The Fight, How Quickly You Forget), Miranda Lambert (Baggage Claim, Fine Tune, White Liar, Only Prettier, The Airstream Song, Virginia Bluebell), Amy Grant (Overnight), and the title track to Carrie Underwood’s 3rd album (Play On). Natalie wrote the #1 Little Big Town single “Pontoon”, and has their current single “Tornado”. Hemby has also had her songs “Buried Under” and “Casino” featured in the ABC hit show Nashville.

Michael Hodge

Producer, writer, and session guitarist. Has worked with Sawyer Brown, Chaka Kahn, Quad Venti and is the music director of Lakewood Church of Houston, TX.

“My McPherson is THE best sounding acoustic I have ever played! The design is so well thought out. It records really great and also sounds amazing live. It is unique that one guitar can fingerpick so well and strum with such power and clarity. If I could have only one guitar, this would be it!”

Michael Hughes

With music as his mistress, Michael Hughes plays leading man in a lifelong romance that spans from Madison Square Garden to the Staples Center and all 48 states in between. This affair has led Hughes, a professional touring musician, to over 25 performances on the Grand Ole Opry stage and to more than 20 television appearances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, Ellen, The Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, and the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.

An accomplished keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist, he has shared the stage with Kellie Pickler, Joan Jett, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Brian McComas, Andy Griggs, Richie McDonald, Ashton Shepard, and Ray Scott. And as an independent singer-songwriter, Hughes has sold thousands of albums and earned an Honorable Mention in the 2007 Billboard Song Contest. Once in Nashville, Michael opened a teaching studio and began taking in the local music scene in his abundant free time. One night at Bourbon Street Blues in Printer’s Alley, he remembers being blown away by the house keyboard player. “He was just on fire, ripping it up,” Michael recalls. He turned to a friend and said, “I’d really like to do that…I really believe I could do that, if I just had the time to sit down and learn.” Considering Michael’s status as a marginally employed piano teacher, the friend flatly said, “Well, you’ve got time now.” From that point on, Michael began to take his playing to a whole new level.

Hammering away at home and hustling for tips up and down lower Broadway, Michael began to gain footing as one of Nashville’s most talented new keyboard players. Following his first sideman gig with Rebecca Lynn Howard, Michael’s growing reputation as a solid player with stellar back-up vocals landed him a spot with Kellie Pickler, then fresh off American Idol and poised to become country music’s newest sweetheart.

“I love playing my McPherson guitar! Whether I’m playing a large stadium or a hole-in-the-wall honky-tonk, my McPherson comes to play every night. It looks and sounds great, handles the rigors of the road, and stays in tune – all while inspiring and energizing me to play great music. Thanks McPherson!!”

Keith Harkin

Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Derry, Northern Ireland.

“Keith Harkin has been singing since he was 4 years old. Harkin played the lead in BBCs “Dha Theanga” (2006). Harkin has his own album in the works. Keith is currently on tour with Celtic Thunder.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Keith Harkin in the “Artist of the Month” video.

John Eley

John Eley is a Producer / Musician / Songwriter who has worked with top recording artists such as Sheila E, Bobby Brown, Kirk Franklin, Take 6, Fred Hammond, and many others.

“I absolutely love my McPherson! It is truly an amazing instrument that by far has the greatest feel, tone, and look that I have ever seen. I am truly blessed to have one!”

Joel Hanson

Singer/Songwriter, performer, and lead singer of the group PFR.

“This is probably the last acoustic I’ll own. I’ve had several great guitars in my lifetime but none have matched the craftsmanship, sound and playability of my McPherson, Live engineers absolutely love this guitar. I plug it in, they turn it up. That’s it!. My McPherson is the most even sounding and playing guitar I’ve ever owned.”

Jeffrey Harper

Guitarist for American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, Jeffrey Harper moved to Nashville to pursue a degree in guitar where he graduated from Belmont University. His TV credits include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, American Idol, Ellen, and more.

“Whether in the studio or on the road, nothing comes close to these guitars in sound quality and reliability. Simply amazing.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Jeffrey Harper in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Jimmy Herman

From being born and raised on a dairy farm in rural Pleasantville,WI to his current home base of Nashville,TN; Jimmy Herman is a singer/songwriter/touring utility musician that has worked with artists such as: Billy Dean, Danielle Peck, Gretchen Wilson, Little Big Town, Steven Tyler, Lady Antebellum, and Sons of Sylvia. Jimmy is currently performing/touring with Carrie Underwood. Several TV appearances include: Saturday Night Live, Regis & Kelly, Ellen, Oprah, The Tonight show with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve, American Idol, etc, etc.

“Every musician is on the endless quest for the holy grail of acoustic guitar.. Your quest ends here. I have seen first hand in the shop that McPherson builders have their craftsmanship put under the microscope several times before each guitar goes into a player’s hands. Each guitar sounds and plays flawless no matter what wood combination and/or body depth. McPhersons are unbelievably consistent in every aspect including; cosmetic and structural craftsmanship, tonal balance, intonation, and playability. Get a McPherson and get ready to be inspired.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Jimmy Herman in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Juan John De Hoyos

Juan John (Juan Eduardo DE Hoyos) started playing guitar at the age of thirteen when he pulled his first guitar out of a dumpster in Phoenix, Arizona. On that discarded, broken instrument, Juan John taught himself to play Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman” on the three remaining strings.

After years of constant practice (eventually with six strings) he became heavily involved in the San Francisco blues scene and, by the age of eighteen, was opening for west coast mainstays like Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Robben Ford.

Deciding that he could move his career along faster with a move to Los Angeles, Juan John soon became involved in network television and feature film soundtracks, composing music on guitar, bass and banjo for projects including Universal’s Spiderman 3, HDNet’s Dan Rather Reports, Animal Planet’s If I Ran a Zoo and Agora Entertainment’s The Final.

During this time, John became enamored with the acoustic guitar and began touring the U.S. and many foreign countries honing his skills as a solo acoustic entertainer, garnering accolades wherever he performed. In 2007, John became one of the the only artists ever to perform for the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan while working with journalist Dan Rather. He continues touring to this day, recently opening for acts like Grammy-winning, legendary flatpicker David Grier, Charlie Daniels, Eric Church, Lee Brice, and many more.

Recently, John also finished recording for his forthcoming CD, Wound Tight and Wired, with legendary producer Michael Wagener, known for working with iconic acts such as Queen, Alice Cooper, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne among many others. After they finished recording, Wagener is quoted on his site as saying “John De Hoyos is an amazing player. It was a pure pleasure to record him.

Get to know McPherson Artist Juan John De Hoyos in this “Artist Profile” video.

Florida Georgia Line

“I’ve always loved McPherson guitars. The quality and sound is like no other guitar I’ve ever played.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Florida Georgia Line in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Ed Eason

Guitarist for Carrie Underwood

Get to know McPherson Artist Ed Eason in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Charles English

Guitarist, Producer, Writer, Alabama Band Leader

A Grammy Nominated Guitarist/Composer. Band Leader for the group Alabama. The group has sold over 78 million records and has had 43 #1 songs, in addition has had 2 Grammy awards and over 150 industry awards including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory/Composition & Classical Guitar Performance from The University Of Texas. Has written songs for, Produced, and/or played with Alabama, Charlie Daniels, Aerosmith, Rob Cavallo, Roger Nichols, Jimmy Ienner, Peter Collins. His songs have been featured in major movies such as “Foodfight” with Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Wayne Brady, Ben Stiller and more. Has Produced for Walt Disney/Hollywood Records, EMI Music, Sony, Dreamworks, MCA, Universal. Has also appeared with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida/Georgia Line, Trisha Yearwood, Jamey Johnson and The Eli Young Band. CoOwns Music Brothers Productions with founding member of Alabama, Teddy Gentry, specializing in artist development.

“McPherson guitars are hands down the finest acoustic instruments made.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Charles English in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Bruce Gaitsch

Songwriter, producer and session guitarist (has worked with Richard Marx, Peter Cetera, and Madonna).

“The very first time I picked up my McPherson Guitar, every other guitar became second best. I was in love with the guitars I had played everyday for 20 plus years, but in that first second of playing the McPherson, they all became spares. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible the guitar is. I just love it.”

Listen to Bruce Gaitsch playing a McPherson guitar on his album Sincerely.

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