Born in Trani, a city north of Bari (Italy), from a very young age Nico cultivated his musical talent, working with many Christian artists as a guitarist and vocalist. With a passion for God Nico served with joy and determination in the local church leading praise and worship and writing songs for the edification of the church and to honor God. In 2003 Nico released his first album titled “Isola di grazia” containing ten songs written and performed by Nico. In 2005 Nico traveled to South Africa where worked with artists there for a year. Following his work in South Africa, Nico recorded his second album titled “Un mondo di mondi”. This CD contains ten previously unreleased songs telling Nico’s life story and journey in artistic growth.

“Elegance, quality, technology, passion, innovation, excellence, heart… these are just some of the words that I hear in the air when I play my McPherson Guitar. The first time I played a McPherson Guitar, I was deeply impressed by its excellent sound and its special beauty. It is not just a guitar, but it is the way to exalt beauty over simple aesthetics, to exalt music over the mere sound, to exalt art over technique.”