With music as his mistress, Michael Hughes plays leading man in a lifelong romance that spans from Madison Square Garden to the Staples Center and all 48 states in between. This affair has led Hughes, a professional touring musician, to over 25 performances on the Grand Ole Opry stage and to more than 20 television appearances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, Ellen, The Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, and the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.

An accomplished keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist, he has shared the stage with Kellie Pickler, Joan Jett, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Brian McComas, Andy Griggs, Richie McDonald, Ashton Shepard, and Ray Scott. And as an independent singer-songwriter, Hughes has sold thousands of albums and earned an Honorable Mention in the 2007 Billboard Song Contest. Once in Nashville, Michael opened a teaching studio and began taking in the local music scene in his abundant free time. One night at Bourbon Street Blues in Printer’s Alley, he remembers being blown away by the house keyboard player. “He was just on fire, ripping it up,” Michael recalls. He turned to a friend and said, “I’d really like to do that…I really believe I could do that, if I just had the time to sit down and learn.” Considering Michael’s status as a marginally employed piano teacher, the friend flatly said, “Well, you’ve got time now.” From that point on, Michael began to take his playing to a whole new level.

Hammering away at home and hustling for tips up and down lower Broadway, Michael began to gain footing as one of Nashville’s most talented new keyboard players. Following his first sideman gig with Rebecca Lynn Howard, Michael’s growing reputation as a solid player with stellar back-up vocals landed him a spot with Kellie Pickler, then fresh off American Idol and poised to become country music’s newest sweetheart.

“I love playing my McPherson guitar! Whether I’m playing a large stadium or a hole-in-the-wall honky-tonk, my McPherson comes to play every night. It looks and sounds great, handles the rigors of the road, and stays in tune – all while inspiring and energizing me to play great music. Thanks McPherson!!”