Juan John (Juan Eduardo DE Hoyos) started playing guitar at the age of thirteen when he pulled his first guitar out of a dumpster in Phoenix, Arizona. On that discarded, broken instrument, Juan John taught himself to play Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman” on the three remaining strings.

After years of constant practice (eventually with six strings) he became heavily involved in the San Francisco blues scene and, by the age of eighteen, was opening for west coast mainstays like Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Robben Ford.

Deciding that he could move his career along faster with a move to Los Angeles, Juan John soon became involved in network television and feature film soundtracks, composing music on guitar, bass and banjo for projects including Universal’s Spiderman 3, HDNet’s Dan Rather Reports, Animal Planet’s If I Ran a Zoo and Agora Entertainment’s The Final.

During this time, John became enamored with the acoustic guitar and began touring the U.S. and many foreign countries honing his skills as a solo acoustic entertainer, garnering accolades wherever he performed. In 2007, John became one of the the only artists ever to perform for the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan while working with journalist Dan Rather. He continues touring to this day, recently opening for acts like Grammy-winning, legendary flatpicker David Grier, Charlie Daniels, Eric Church, Lee Brice, and many more.

Recently, John also finished recording for his forthcoming CD, Wound Tight and Wired, with legendary producer Michael Wagener, known for working with iconic acts such as Queen, Alice Cooper, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne among many others. After they finished recording, Wagener is quoted on his site as saying “John De Hoyos is an amazing player. It was a pure pleasure to record him.

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