“Any ole guitar can be a great friend. He or she becomes your fellow road warrior, spends more late nights with you than any lover, tries its best to stay in tune no matter the temperature or humidity, pours out its soul at your command and most of all the two of you know each other unlike anyone else on God’s green earth ever could! Where the strange rare magic comes in concerning this unique marriage between a pair of hands and a piece of wood is when it’s tone is actually bigger than the stars that you two have shot at and as deep as the river of dreams you two have swam. When your guitar actually has a spirit of its own and out performs you….That’s not a mishap or a shortcoming for an artist……..It’s a level of accomplishment that is heavily sought after and not often found…… I certainly have found that place with my dear friend and musical partner “Mac”, my McPherson.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Andy Griggs in the “Artist of the Month” video.