Warren Barfield

“There’s a walk in closet in my office stacked full of guitars. Vintage, popular high end brands, boutique, custom. All are great . Few have left that closet since March of 2012. That’s when I received my McPherson. I love all my guitars, but I need only my McPherson. It’s the most versatile and consistent guitar I’ve ever owned. I don’t leave home without it.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Warren Barfield in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Wayne Burns

Singer / Songwriter and host of Outdoor Allstars T.V.

“I have never played a guitar that plays with such ease. The sound of the guitar had me so wrapped up in playing, I completely lost track of time! It’s like it puts you in another world when you are playing. I Love It!”

William Pierce IV

Guitarist, songwriter, singer, founder of the band Media Line Road.

“The McPherson MG series of guitars deliver, without a doubt, the most dimensional – dare I say – immersive acoustic guitar sound experience ever. I’ve tried or owned many of the finest acoustics made. Yet, McPherson has successfully applied science in the name of original artistic expression. It represents a sea change in acoustic guitar sound as well as design.”

Wayne Watson

Grammy and multiple Dove Award winning Songwriter and Performer. His music has been featured on the hit series: Touched by an Angel.

“The first time I laid a pick on my McPherson, I knew this was something special… an instrument like no other I’ve ever played… concert goers are consistently full of wonder at the sound coming from this guitar. It’s amazing!”

Ryan Bell

Performer, songwriter, recording artist, Worship Pastor/Music Director.

“The super-rich tone, incredible sustain, excellent craftsmanship, and uncompromising attention to detail make my McPherson the finest acoustic guitar I’ve ever owned. Whether I’m in the studio or playing live, the McPherson is always the guitar I reach for first.”

Shawn Blackman

Acoustic Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter.

“The difference between a McPherson and any other acoustic guitar I have played is as profound as the difference between an upright piano and a concert grand! They are simply the most stable, tonally balanced and versatile guitars I have ever played, bar none.”

Tommy Brandt

“The McPherson Guitar is one of the best instruments that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. It’s construction, playability and sound quality is second to none. All that said, the greatest compliment that an artist could give a guitar maker is that it makes them want to play more, and that it does. Thanks for a great guitar guys!”

Scott Wesley Brown

Singer, songwriter, recording artist.

“Everywhere I play, the sound techs are astonished that they don’t need to adjust the EQ on my McPherson! They say it sounds naturally perfect. And that sound, along with the beauty of this instrument is an inspiration to me!”

Trace Bundy

Award winning fingerstyle guitarist.

“I cannot say enough about this guitar. From the moment I picked up the McPherson and strummed it for the first time, I knew there was something wonderfully unique about this guitar. It’s beautiful tone, quality craftsmanship, and stunning appearance has inspired me to write and record with a new passion.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Trace Bundy in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Winner of multiple Grammy, Dove and Male Vocalist of the Year Awards.

“How they get the big low end without being boomy out of that little hole above the strings is a mystery, but it’s one of the best full range, totally balanced guitars I’ve had the privilege of playing.”

Shannon Farmer

Singer/guitarist in the band Ricochet.

“I’ve never seen better craftsmanship on an acoustic guitar, it’s almost too pretty to play! This guitar honestly has the most even tone (high to low) I have ever played.”

Stu Garrard

Performer, songwriter, and lead guitarist for the band Delirious.

“The McPherson guitar is one of the most tonally balanced acoustics I’ve ever played, I’m not fighting with a high action or not quite there intonation! Live, it’s a dream. In the studio its got an instant sound, which is great, because time is money! It just has to be played, and when you do it’s got songs inside waiting to come out! Thanks for a great guitar!”

Teddy Gentry

Teddy Gentry, a member of the country music hall of fame, is a founding member of the band Alabama. Alabama signed a recording contract with RCA Records in 1980, launching a career that to date has resulted in 21 gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums, 43 No. 1 singles and more than 75 million records sold. Alabama has received over 150 industry awards including eight country music Entertainer of the Year honors, two Grammys, two Peoples Choice Awards and their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They were named the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music in 1989 and Country Group of the Century by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1999.

“My McPherson guitar makes me a better guitar player. Not only is it a beauty, it sounds amazing!”

Simon Hawkins

Songwriter, producer of everything from CCM to mainstream London urban music from his studio located on the South Coast of England.

“The more I use my McPherson the more I appreciate it. It’s 100% reliable for a full, articulate and warm sound both in the studio and for live work. Put through a U87 and an Avalon pre it simply adds gold dust to any track.”

Tim Hawkins

A former All-American baseball player, Tim traded the sports stage for the comedy stage and never looked back. He taught himself to play guitar and tested the waters at area comedy clubs, but he determined early in his career that he did not want to focus on the comedy club circuit alone. “People love stand-up, but many choose not to go to comedy clubs. So we’ve gone underground, even counter-culture in a way. And its a blast.”His art form was honed primarily in churches, with a brief 6-month stint performing in prisons as part of Chuck Colson Prison Fellowship. Since his shows ranged from little kids to youth groups to married adults, he had to develop material that would hit a wide age range. “Survival mode, pure and simple. I learned comedy in front of a lot of multi-generational audiences, so I had to find material that would cater to all ages.”With 4 kids of his own and a wife who is winning her battle with breast cancer, Hawkins gets new material daily from the perils of marriage, parenting, and homeschooling. But it must be difficult to work clean all the time, right? “Clean comedy is easy. Funny comedy is hard. “So does Tim think hes funny?” I’m not bragging, but one time I told a joke in front of a dead bird, and it flew away. And you can Google that.”

“This guitar takes over. I’ve never played anything like it.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Tim Hawkins in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Tom Hemby

Dove Award winning, studio and live performance artist. Has worked with Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, BeBe and CeCe Winans, and Faith Hill.

“The McPherson guitar is the perfect marriage of superior tone and cutting edge technology. I’ve never played a more balanced sounding instrument. This guitar has a rich, complex harmonic structure that is far superior to any other guitars I’ve played. To put it in simple terms, this is by far the best sounding and best playing acoustic guitar on the market today!”

Get to know McPherson Artist Tom Hemby in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Richard Kiser

Gospel guitarist. ICGMA Instrumentalist of the decade.

“If you want an acoustic guitar that sounds as great on stage as in the studio, a guitar that you can play for hours without fatigue, a guitar that instantly becomes a part of you when you play, this is it! These [guitars] are classic works of art, my McPherson is by far the greatest instrument I have ever owned.”

Tracy Lawrence

“I have been a country music recording artist for almost 25 years. I played with my first live band at the age of 14. I’ve toured around the world and have had played live for millions of fans. Over the years I have had the opportunity to play a lot of acoustic guitars. Basically, every major brand and quite a few obscure ones. Even a few handmade one of a kinds. The first time I picked up a McPherson I knew it was something very different and very special. It is by far the most balanced that I have ever touched. All the way up the neck, it’s tone and intonation are impeccable. Whether you’re plugged in using the pickup or using a microphone in the studio; the tone is amazing. I have a lot of guitars in my collection and I love them all for different reasons. But, the McPherson has quickly become my favorite. Pick one up. Feel it, touch it, play it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Get to know McPherson Artist Tracy Lawrence in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Trevor Lindsey

25 year veteran Session musician, songwriter and custom guitar luthier in Los Angeles, CA. Writing and recording for BMG, currently has tunes on about forty television shows worldwide.

“With the recent flourishing of custom builders, it is hard to wade through the choices, and I have to admit that your instruments had not made it onto my radar screen. Sure, I may have seen the name, but with the non-traditional shape, and no idea of the craftsmanship, I had put you in the probable flash in the pan category. Boy was that ever wrong! I finally saw one of your guitars and was astounded in every sense of the word. I could immediately see that you had reinvented the wheel.”

“I am a true believer in your work, and this experience has shown me how wrong it can be to dismiss a design just because it looks foreign.”

Richard Marx

For over 20 years, Richard Marx has consistently and powerfully made his mark on the music industry. His debut single “Don’t Mean Nothing” and self-titled debut album kicked off his career as a solo artist in 1987 and went on to sell 3 million copies. His 1989 follow-up CD, “Repeat Offender,” became even more successful, selling over 7 million copies worldwide. From 1987 to 1990, he became the first male solo artist in history to have his first 7 singles reach the top 5 on Billboard’s singles chart, including the 1 hits “Hold On to the Nights,” “Satisfied” and the worldwide classic, “Right Here Waiting.” This feat remains unchallenged.

“I’ve had a McPherson for about 10 years now and have used it extensively both in the studio and live onstage. And in both scenarios I can say without hesitation….it never fails me.”

Steve Merkel

Award Winning Song Writer, Musician, Producer.

“McPherson consistently makes guitars that are perfection at every level. The sound, the look and the feel are all extraordinary. If you ever get a chance, play one for yourself you’ll believe me when I say McPherson makes the best guitars in the world.”

Savannah Outen

Singer, Songwriter, Live Performer.

“Oh my gosh! I love my McPherson guitar because the sound is like no other. It projects so loud and I love that. I also love how they look, the model I have is called a 3.5, which is smaller and just my size. The design is very unique and cool! It’s the perfect guitar!! Ive played other guitars but now I only want to play McPherson guitars!”

Get to know McPherson Artist Savannah Outen in the “Artist of the Month” video.

Rissi Palmer

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and recording artist.

“McPherson is the Bentley of Guitars. When I’m on stage with my McPherson guitar it gives me the most amazing sound that I’ve ever heard. It sounds really warm, and makes any large stage feel like an intimate setting.”

Toby Penner

Member of recording group Jake (with brothers Joshua and Marty Penner).

“McPherson Guitars are the best. Absolutely no question.”

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